No Ebina-chan this month either. Hiatus now indefinite until further notice.

Unfortunately, it’s as bad as it sounds. Ebina-chan has been postponed until further notice after a tweet from the umr_official twitter account that reads as follows:

Notice regarding this month’s Akita Imokko! Ebina-chan:

There were plans to release an update for “Akita Imokko! Ebina-chan” on June 7th but this update had to be postponed. We will publicly announce when we decide the date for the next update. We sincerely apologize to all our readers who were looking forward to this month’s update. We thank you for your understanding.

I will of course keep you informed whenever it comes out of hiatus or when there’s some kind of new development.



Ebina-chan Hiatus Notice

Though I’ve posted this before I figured I’d let anyone else here know that there isn’t going to be an Ebina-chan chapter in May.

Nico Seiga posted a tweet this month that reads:

Public annoucement regarding the postponment of this month’s “Akita Imokko! Ebina-chan”: The update for “Akita Imokko! Ebina-chan” that was planned for this month has been postponed. The next chapter is now scheduled to be released on June 7th. We sincerely apologize to all the readers who were looking forward to this month’s update. We hope you catch the chapter next month on Nico Nico Seiga and Tonari no Young Jump.

And so chapter 17 will come out on June 7th rather than May 7th.

There was no reason given for this postponment but I presume it has to do with the new Umaru-chan volume that’s coming out, which often means the author doesn’t have enough time to work on side series. Either that or something happened to the author, but they haven’t posted anything on twitter regarding this hiatus so I’ll hold off judgement on that.

And so I’ll also see you next month.